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Planning the best trip that suits your budget, preference and expectation is tough. No more wasting hours and disappointment in planning trips to places you don't know well.

We are a team of seasoned travelers and travel planners. We will plan the journey that best suits you and your groups.

Build your detailed itineraries

🥁 Travel Research and Suggestions

On our discovery session, we will send you suggestions to help you explore what you really want and expect from the trip. Our goal is to help you better understand what you and your partners expect and want from the trips. Then we will get started with the planning.

To build great memories with your companies. And to explore and to understand yourself.

🕵️ The Most Personalized Itineraries

Bookings, destinations and activities are all listed out by hours with detailed suggestions and travel tips. Forecasted weather and transportation routes are also included to ensure you have no hours wasted.

Stress-free trips with all options planned

We know that when traveling, there are a lot of unexpected things happened. Therefore, we also include Plan B in our packages. You will have solutions and alternative plans if something goes south. We want to ensure you have the best time as possible when you travel.

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$25 per day

Step 1

Interview and discover

Step 2

Build the intineraries

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Review & Book

Step 4


Let us build the plan for you and your groups

We build plans for you and your group.
No more hassle.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 people (67%) have argued with their travel companions because of stress from trip planning? Don't let it happen to you.

We help you and your families and friends make the best use of vacations without spending hours on researching, arguing and ending up being disappointed.


Group bookings & payments made for you

After you finalize and approve the plans, we help you make bookings and payments with just one click.

Travel together, from different places, or travel with babies with special arrangements etc. We've got you covered.

✈️ Our happy customers

Best trip ever! Save us lots of tears and headaches. Seriously. We love how the team went extra miles to ensure we have everything covered.


“This is a great app for us. We can save lots of research time.”


“Now our family can travel together without hating each other LOL”

Sean, Financial Controller, Vancouver

About Us

We are travellers at heart.

We are Vipul and Shaeli.

Currently located in Vancouver, Canada, we have been traveling to more than 150 cities together. We understand your problems because we're travelers too.
We've journeyed with partners, friends, parents and kids. We have helped 50+ travelers build their personalized trips.

First we helped our friends and families build their domestic and international journey. Thanks to word of mouth, we have got more requests from friends of friends and others. That's how we see how we can help other people build great memories and create meaningful impacts on other people's life.

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