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We help you pick the best destinations

Pre-trip discovery made easy: where to go, when to go and what to do. Are you a foodie or an adventure lover?

We can help you find awesome destinations based on your trip goals, budget, and timing.

Build detailed itineraries easily

🥁 Onboarding that's as fun as playing games

Our fun onboarding helps us learn about your preferences and trips goals. Uptravely will search and find the most relevant places for you.

🕵️ Smart Recommendations

No more switching tabs and spreadsheets. With one tap, we will find the best places and activities just for you.

Never miss the obvious.

Plans are often ruined because of weather or traffic. We help you avoid those with real-time updates and notifications about your destinations before and during the time you travel. No more oopsies!

The best plan is the best plan in reality

Auto-update your progress in real time and help adjust your plans to be the best possible.

Our personalized planner will help you track your progress and external factors in order to change those plans to fit real-life situations.

Get the best trips planned for you, your friends and
your families

Haven't you stayed home long enough?
Plan the best trips for you, your friends, and your families. Because you deserve it.

Collaborate with friends & families

Did you know that 2 out of 3 people (67%) have argued with their travel companions because of stress from trip planning? Don't let it happen to you.

Create plans everyone is happy with using our collaboration features. Voting, commenting and polling to find the best plans for all. Our planner app also shows how relevant choices are to everyone in the groups.


Group bookings & payments made easy

After you finalize and approve the plans, we help you make bookings and payments with just one click.

Travel together, from different places, or travel with babies with special arrangements etc. We've got you covered.

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It is such a pain to do trip planning for us with a newborn baby. I can totally see myself use the Uptravely!

Lisa, Tech Recruiter, NYC.

“This is a great app for us. We can save lots of research time.”

Don, Software Engineer, Vancouver

“Now our family can travel together without hating each other LOL”

Sean, Financial Controller, Vancouver

We build Uptravely to help travellers save hundred of hours and disappointments

Built for travelers,
by travelers

We are travellers at heart.

If it's a journey or jaunt, we can help. Traveling together is the best way to build great memories. But trip planning can be a make-it-or-break-it stress that spoils an adventure.

We understand because we're travelers too. Altogether, we've been traveling and living abroad in more than 150 cities. We've journeyed with partners, friends, parents and kids. And we've felt all the pain points of planning group trips. So, we built an app to help ease that pain.